Mushroom, roasted bread and spinach salad

Paul Flynn


Ciabatta roasted in garlic butter.

Baby spinach.

1 chip of button mushrooms, cut in half.

1 chip of pearl mushrooms.

4 x 500g pits of mixed wild mushrooms cut the same size.

8 lg shallots finely diced.

8 cloves of garlic finely sliced.

300 ml of mixed olive/ rapeseed oil.

50 mls honey .

100 mls dark sherry.

Salt , pepper and thyme.


Sauté the mushrooms quickly in batches with the shallots and then the garlic and thyme.

Deglaze each batch with a little sherry vinegar.

Season at the end with the honey, the sherry , salt and pepper.

To serve warm a portion of mushrooms up with 3-4 pieces off torn roasted ciabatta, then add a little spinach to wilt