Duncannon salmon, lemon gel, baby gem, radish & herb oil

John Kelly


  • Smoked sliced salmon (200g per portion)
  • 1 head of baby gem
  • Red Radish Sliced 
  • Watercress 5-6 pieces 
  • Herb Oil (made with 200g chives, 150g rapeseed oil, 2g salt, decanted into blender and combined until smooth)
  • Granny smith apple (peeled and cut into cubes) We used a solfreno cutter to create the round shape but home you can cut into cubes.


Buy a good quality smoked salmon from your supermarket or fishmonger, pre-sliced which makes it easier to serve. 

Prepare the baby gem, watercress and radish. Once the leaves separated and the radish sliced, place in iced water which will help crisp the vegetables and leaves and keep them very fresh for serving. 

To make the lemon gel you will need 200ml water, 100ml lemon juice, 100g sugar and 10g agar agar. Place it all in a pan and bring to the boil and pour it into a tray and allow to set in the fridge. Once set, place in in a blender and puree it until smooth and then into a bottle that will allow you to squeeze small quantities out when needed.

To begin, plate the salmon onto the dish. 

Then follow with the ingredients and finish with the lemon gel and herb oil. Don’t forget to season your garnish with a little Maldon sea salt.