Wildacres is a social enterprise on a mission to encourage and inspire people throughout Ireland to protect our native wildlife and our environment and to halt, and reverse, the catastrophic decline we are experiencing in our biodiversity. 

Join Brian O’Toole of Wildacres to learn about the process and potential of rewilding. Hear about the habitats they have created on their 17.5 acre site in Wicklow. Once 4 fields of grassland, now home to 9 wildlife ponds, a restored river riparian zone, 7 acres of native woodland, 4 acres of native wildflower meadow, 2km of native hedgerow and stunning wildlife that has returned.  

Find out how you can attract an array of fascinating and stunning wildlife to your land, for you to observe and enjoy throughout the seasons. Gardening with pollinators in mind and building habitats for natural wildlife, encouraging biodiversity and doing your bit to help build a sustainable future. 

This special Savour Kilkenny talk will give you advice and inspiration for what you can do on your land, whatever the size! 

In presentation, talk and Q&A format, the talk will teach you how to create wildlife habitats such as ponds of any size, wildflower areas, pollinator beds and butterfly borders, native hedges, and tree planting. 

You will be shown how to attract birds to your outdoor space, along with some good practice bird care, including feeding and putting up nest boxes. Plus the Wildacres team will discuss their small-scale production of honey and pesticide-free fruit. 

This will be a fascinating look at an environmental social enterprise, with practical advise, tips and tricks for transforming the biodiversity and sustainability of your land (whatever the size!)