Maria Harte, blonde woman in a off white dress with a simple pattern, sitting at a table with the edge of a book and some flowers visible.

Maria Harte


Maria Harte’s passion for food goes back to when her parents taught her how to prepare and cook a freshly caught trout at age 12. It wasn’t until she had her own family and got diagnosed with ADHD that she could make sense of her unwavering passion for food. Creating recipes and cooking is her hyperfocus, escape and superpower. Her creativity and impatience lead her to develop no-fuss recipes for people who love to eat. During her maternity leave, she started her Instagram page @_mariaharte_.  

Fast forward a few years, and she is now a regular TV cook on Virgin Media’s six o’clock show and hosts a new food series on called “Simple Suppers”. Maria understands how difficult it can be to simply feed yourself as a new parent and wanted to do something to support. This led her to write, style, design and photograph her first book, a free e-book for expectant parents called “Bebe in Arms, Food in Hand”, which includes 20 freezer-friendly recipes which can be enjoyed even if you are nursing a baby. However, it goes without saying that the book is useful to many busy souls! 

Maria prides herself in creating simple recipes that bring joy to everyday life. At Savour she’ll help you save time and eat well for days by showing three delish ways to serve one dish.  This is a demo you won’t want to miss! 

Check out Maria’s recipes and free e-book on her Instagram page @_mariaharte_