Jess Murphy, brown haired woman, wearing a denim shirt and light pink scarf on her head, posing with hand on hip. Background is a bright and bold multi-coloured painted wall.

Jess Murphy


Jess Murphy is a New Zealand-born chef. She moved to Ireland in 2003 and opened the doors to Kai Restaurant in 2011 with her Carlow-native husband, Dave Murphy. Having won countless awards since then, Kai has transformed Galway’s food scene for the better and is a must-try when visiting Galway. With sustainability at the forefront of her business and with a motto “what’s in season will be on your plate”, Kai works closely with 100’s of local farmers and producers to ensure fresh quality produce at all times of the year. Kai is the Maori word for food and Jess loves to bring a taste of New Zealand everywhere she goes!